• SoulQuest II - A Book by Jimmy Westlake
“The idea of a 10th anniversary bicycle ride to Alaska started to grow in my brain in 2002. It was always a thorn in my side that I had to skip over 250 miles of the Alaska Highway in 1993 because of equipment failure. It also vexed me that I didn’t nail up a sign in the Watson Lake Signpost Forest to mark my 1993 passage or pose in front of the “Welcome to Alaska” sign for a victory photo. Deeper down, I missed the excitement of seeing something new round every curve in the road and communing with nature again. Alaska was calling me back. When I set out for Alaska in 1993, I had just turned 40. Now, in 2003, I have just turned 50. My new kitten, Dixie Doodle, is only one year old. Together, we would set out across the continent, Alaska bound, to take care of some unfinished business.” “SoulQuest II” chronicles my second solo bicycle ride to Alaska in 2003, this time 3240 miles in 37 days from  teamboat Springs, Colorado to Anchorage, Alaska. My goal here is to share my experiences with you so that you can know what it’s like to ride your own bicycle to Alaska with a cat as your sidekick. Imagine that you are riding along with me, seeing, feeling, smelling, and hearing the same things that I do.

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SoulQuest II - A Book by Jimmy Westlake

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SoulQuest - A Book by Jimmy Westlake

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