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Castle Geyser Erupts
New!Ordinarily, when Yellowstone National Park’s Castle Geyser erupts at night, it just creates a da..
Delicate Arch at Arches National Park
Delicate Arch, in apparent defiance of gravity, stands 16-meters high against the starry skies ov..
Dog Star Rising
When the "Dog Star" Sirius breaks over the mountains, it is as if a miniature sun has risen, cast..
At night, Delicate Arch seems like a giant gateway to the stars. Some of the stars visible throug..
Orion and Company Over Sneffels Wilderness
Mt. Sneffels (peak at left) near Ouray, CO, bathed in moonlight and starlight from Orion and nearby ..
Orion Rising over the Rocky Mountains
"Orion always comes up sideways ..." and was caught in the act in December 2002 by astronomer Jim..
Polar Star Trails and the Very Large Array
The rotation of the Earth created concentric arcs over an 80-foot dish of the Very Large Array of..
Venus and the Pleiades
Zodiacal Light Silhouettes a VLA Telescope
The VLA consists of 27 individual 80-foot diameter radio telescope dishes, one of which is seen i..
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